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Sr. Grace Teresa currently serves as Formation Guardian, She is an active member of St. Mark’s Cathedral. After a career as teacher educator and curriculum developer, she now offers her gifts as a spiritual companion to those in the region, and to the parish ministries of hospitality and contemplative prayer. She listens to the Holy while learning and re-learning the mindfulness of needlepoint and sacred choral music performance.

Judith, Novice is married and is a great grandmother. Her ministry is centered around making everyday lives better for women and children. She uses her gift of sewing to benefit various charities as well as making several of our sister's habits. She also works for local programs which feed the hungry. Her special joy is spending time in intercessory prayer on behalf of those who have trusted her with their requests

​​Sr. Kathryn Mary is a member of the LSSC Council and is convener of the Bainbridge Chapter.  She was professed in 2009.  She worked as a full time mother to five now grown children and has been married since 1969.  Currently she works helping to encourage contemplative life in her church community by participating as a leader in Centering Prayer, Contemplative Prayer liturgical offerings, and Godly Play children’s faith formation.  Sister Kathy also serves as a Eucharistic Minister and Eucharistic Visitor at St. Antony’s where she is an active member.   

Sr. Dorothy-Anne’s life with the Little Sisters has been shaped by her years as our second Mother Guardian. Building beloved community has long been her focus.  She is active in St. Andrew’s following her passionate love of Jesus Christ by praying with others as a healing minister, Eucharist visitor and writing icons.  She serves on The Bishop’s Social Justice Committee and a similar committee at her church. She is the representative from St. Andrew’s to the Faith Action Network. Doing what she can where she lives, she connects with a neighborhood church hosting weekly dinners to build relationships with nearby low-income neighbors. She stays quiet with lectio Scripture reading, meditation, watercolor painting and yoga.

Sr. DedraAnn is a teacher and artist.  She has worked with youth, children, and families for over 15 years in ministry and with the public school system. She currently works with at risk youth. She also volunteers with the Diocesan Youth Program. She is privileged to be currently serving the Little Sisters of St. Clare as their Mother Guardian.  She believes that art of any kind is one of the most powerful ways we connect with the Creator. 

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