What are your vows?
Following in the tradition of St. Francis and St. Clare, our vows are three fold: simplicity, fidelity, and purity.  Professed members seek to live these vows in our daily lives.

Can anyone join?
Women are invited to join our community.  We have three membership groups: Friends, Companions, and Professed.  Friends support the community through prayer and financial donations and may live anywhere.   Companions seek a more active role and may participate in our Chapter meetings. Professed members take and live out vows in their lives.

What is required to become a member of the community?

The first step is to contact Mother Guardian through the contact section of this website.  She or another Community member will contact you to tell you more about the Community. After ascertaining together that we are a good fit, you will be invited to a local Chapter meeting to meet some of our members. If you decide to continue on the path to becoming part of the Community you can apply to be a Companion or Professed member.

If you decided to become a Professed member, you will be asked to live under simple vows and complete a formation program, unique to our Community. The formation program has you explore, with other members of the Community, a variety of Franciscan topics such as Joy, Peace, Obedience, and Social Justice.  In response you will write a series of reflection papers.  After a period of mutual discernment you will be invited profess your Rhythm of Life in front of our Bishop Visitor. 

Where are you located?

We are located in Western Washington, in the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia.  Friends of the Community can live anywhere, however, we ask that active Companions and Professed members of the Community live in Western Washington.

Do you have a common house or convent?

We live and work on our own.  We are a dispersed community so we do not have a convent or common house.  We meet two or three times a year as a whole group and for our annual Convocation.  Members are also organized into local chapters for study, prayer, fellowship and mutual discernment.

Do you wear special clothes?

We wear brown robes or "habit" on special occasions and gatherings of the Community. You'll see community members in habit throughout the site, however, in our daily lives we wear regular clothes.



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